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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Vitalblocks CRM, and What Exactly we do?

Vitalblocks CRM is a complete support and sales helpdesk software that provides best customer experience by giving support using multiple communication channels like Live Chat, Email, Phone and Online Tickets.

  • Enable support on your existing sites in just few minutes
  • Reach out to your online customers instantly and boost your sales.
  • One tickets for all the communications and attachments
  • Manage multiple sites to enable one group of support team to support multiple products in one place
  • Integrate to your existing sites in minutes
  • Customize live chat button, user portal, and agent portal to fit your corporate styles
Q. How to Sign Up For Vitalblocks CRM?
Q. What is the hierarchy of users in Vitalblocks CRM?
Q. How to Create Site and How to Select/Customize Chat Button and Chat Text and Our Chat Window?
Q. Who are Site Visitors?
Q. How can I check the Application?
Q. What are Agents and Departments?
Q. How can I Manage Agents and Departments?
Q. How can I Set Feedback Questions?
Q. How can I Track My Site Visitors?
Q. How can I Track Feedback from site visitors?
Q. Vitalblocks CRM Ticket Channel?
Q. What are Live Tickets?
Q. What are Web Portal Tickets?
Q. What are Offline Tickets?
Q. What are Phone Tickets?
Q. How to Sign Up for Ticket Portal?
Q. What is Request Queue?
Q. What is Transfer Queue?
Q. What is Internal Queue?
Q. What is In-Progress Queue?
Q. How to Transfer Chat?
Q. How I can Go Offline?
Q. Where I can see the Status of an Agent?